Why the name?

At Pollen Strategy we look to natural systems for inspiration in improving business performance. The pollination service provided by bees as they go about collecting nectar and pollen from flowers is a wonderful example of how massive additional value can be created during the execution of day-to-day work.

The symbiotic relationship between bees and flowering plant species creates benefits for the bees, benefits for the pollinated plants and benefits for humankind. At Pollen Strategy we are excited and motivated by the potential for business systems to be structured similarly, leveraging surplus value from existing operations by approaching things differently. This value, once harvested, can be shared between the organisation’s owners, its beneficiaries, our environment and society.

Cross-pollination, the process by which pollen is transferred from the flower of one plant to the flower of another different plant, is a notion that has equally useful applications in the business world. Cross-pollination increases genetic diversity, resulting in more resilient plants equipped to thrive in a variety of conditions. Similarly, by looking for ideas and inspiration from outside their immediate fields of operation, businesses can improve their performance and deal more effectively with environmental challenges. Pollen Strategy can assist organisations with cross-pollination by bringing a wealth of experience to every project we undertake and by using benchmark research in diverse fields to seek new insights for our clients.